Affiliate Disclosure

Responsibility as a user-oriented platform is committed to sharing independent and trustworthy materials written by separate experts in accordance with our community rules. As we choose what materials to publish, we check all the articles for their accuracy, credibility, and timeliness. An independent team of experts works on writing the materials and then the content passes a verification of a separate team. Our experts work outside of the influence of advertisers or any sponsors and express their honest opinion. In case you notice any mistakes or inaccuracies in articles — please, be sure to let us know. Note that we cannot control a service’s internal actions, but we update the content accordingly when we learn of an incident.

How Do Our Experts Give Out Ratings?

Our team commits to posting unbiased and accurate reviews. All of the ratings we assign are based on the research conducted by experts of several levels. We test all of the services in real life and read testimonials to find out the truth about what services are legitimate. The criteria we take into account include the intuitiveness of navigation, users, their diversity, the general atmosphere of the platform, safety, the work of the support team, etc.

The ratings are mostly high because we take the most popular and well-established sites and apps under analysis. Of course, our main mission is to share an honest review of each service with our users.