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TenderMeets Review 2023

TenderMeets Review 2023
About Site
Active Audience 82%
Quality Matches 57%
Popular Age 18-45
Profiles 200 000
Reply Rate 70%
Ease of Use 6.5
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Unlike other dating sites, it has a motive to ensure your age, so you're surrounded by like-minded people, looking for serious relationships, being adults.
  • It is a feature-rich website that enhances your experience. Many of them are paid.
  • While it doesn’t have a free trial for you to enjoy, it offers an inexpensive 3-day trial that lets you decide for yourself if the website is worth it.
  • It is a website, especially for serious commitments. It's not for those who are there to find a casual partner.
  • The like gallery of this website makes the matching-up process easier. You can heart the profiles you like and pass on the ones you don’t.
  • The registration process is user-friendly helps TenderMeets to gain popularity among the dating sites.
  • It offers up to 100% refund in case you’re not satisfied. This makes the website stand out.
  • Although unlimited messages aren’t available to all, sending messages to 5 people per day is free for every user.
  • It sorts profiles based on your location, which helps you to find a potential partner nearby.
  • It has a website version that is compatible with smartphones. That makes the platform attractive.
  • The safe mode allows you to limit the people who can send messages to you. The whole safe way helps you to receive notifications only from verified profiles. It is a plus side for many.
  • It doesn't have a mobile application that makes it inaccessible for many. Not having an application is a problem for many dating sites today, which makes them less appealing.
  • The app’s authenticity is questioned by many. Having fake profiles makes TenderMeets a lot less transparent and trustworthy.
  • The paid account isn't for all. Everyone can't pay for a dating site, especially when it's expensive. Having most of its rich features, paid version acts as a barrier for its potential users.
  • The personal pictures of users are said to be in danger while using the website as it takes your permission to use it for promotional purposes, as mentioned in the terms and conditions.
  • Your contact list is also under their radar when you agree to the terms and conditions. This makes the site a lot riskier.

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TenderMeets isn’t one of those sites that are meant for casual hookups. When online dating is talked about, people usually think that it is for those who want to pass their time. This might not be the right thing for you if all you seek is a friendship to remember or some dates to have fun. When you look for a long-term commitment to make it lead somewhere, you find a platform that can help you with the same. As TenderMeets is especially for those looking to settle, it confirms your age right at the start. Most young people tend to look for casual flings that fulfill what they need. At an age where people look to settle, they want to be surrounded by looking for something similar. This website helps you to find those who’re looking for a serious commitment.

Being flawless is a myth. Nothing, especially an online website, can be perfectly suitable. Having two sides is always a plus point as it ensures authenticity. Looking at the advantages and disadvantages of something helps you to make a wise decision. TenderMeets has a fair share of both.

Sign Up Process


Having a difficult registration process makes a site less desirable. To have a website that’s handy to all, not limited to only tech-savvy users, is a delight. While it asks for your age just as soon you open the site, it has some pretty basic particulars to fill for signing up, following which you create a profile. While you can add details on your TenderMeets profile like your preferences, likes, hobbies, choices, etc., you need to put some things on the registration page to start the process. With your name, gender, age, email, and password, steps are easy to follow. You will need to verify your email when you enter it, making it safer for you to use



Having an attractive interface is essential for all online sites nowadays. With a user-friendly interface, you ensure long-term users. Majorly using white, blue and, pink colors, this website has a pretty basic interface. It makes the website easy to use for all types of users.

Free vs Paid Membership

This might be a downside for most people. Most of the features of this website are accessible only after paying a certain amount. While that makes the website look a lot less luring, it has its promising ways to keep you hooked. Although there are many free features as well, the conflict of choosing between a free or a paid membership on TenderMeets exists throughout.

Free Services

The paid account is undoubtedly something to save for, but this website also gives you a decent amount of free services that make you want to stick around. Many of its prominent features, like the like gallery, safe mode, etc., are free of cost. Choosing between a free or a paid profile depends on what you’re expecting the website to do for you.

Not every online site is worth being paid for. But some features of this website can make this one looks lit, being worthy enough of it. The search features that TenderMeets provides to its premium users help them to find a partner quickly. With many additional perks, a paid account ends up being a good decision for many users.

Price Advantages
Free Some services like making the account, accessing the safe mode, going through the like gallery, uploading photos and videos, etc., are free. These free ones help you to test the website on your own.

Paid services (Approximate cost)

3-day trial: 4 USD

1-month membership: 35 USD

3-month membership: 60 USD

6-month membership: 96 USD

  • While having a free profile, you can only send up to 5 messages to 5 different profiles in a day; having unlimited conversations with any profile needs you to buy a paid account.
  • You will be able to access photos in their full size with having a paid account of TenderMeets.
  • Sharing photos and videos while chatting makes the ‘knowing each other’ phase easier. Having a paid account allows you to do the same.
  • A paid account offers you extensive support from customer care.
  • The advantages of having a paid account can overpower the downsides for many.

Search Hookup on TenderMeets


Searching for a profile is the essential feature that a dating site offers. Letting the website do it for you with a paid account can seem desirable, but you can also take matters into your hand and make full use of the like gallery feature. TenderMeets makes the process of searching for a partner look like an easy task.

Searching Options and Filters

Sorting through hundreds of profiles on a dating site must not be among your favorite things to do, and if it is, you need to find better hobbies. A website that helps you to go through profiles easily is a preferable one as it will enhance your experience. Filtering is a good feature, and it can help you search for what you desire. You can use the following filters:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Height, weight
  • Location
  • Preferences

Such filters are essential to ease the process. Finding a partner should please you, and TenderMeets tries its best to do the same.

Communication With Users


Without communication, a relationship loses its worth. When you’re trying to find love, you look for people who you’ll be comfortable talking to. A communication gap has proven to be dangerous for even long-term relationships, and at the stage of going through the potential partners, easy and flowing conversation makes everything better. TenderMeets makes communication with other users extremely easy. You can choose the people you want to talk to and communicate with them on a daily basis. If you have a free account, you can only send messages to 5 people per day, and to send more or receive responses, you have to pay the fee. The unlimited conversation is a benefit of having a paid account.

How Does TenderMeets Work?

Having a user-friendly platform is the best thing about a dating site as its working is compatible for everyone, including those who aren’t good with computers. Once you fill in the basic particulars and sign up, you have the option to build a profile for yourself. You write about yourself and what you’re looking for and ensure that the profile helps you attract the people that are your type. TenderMeets, like many other dating sites, let you like or pass the profiles through the like gallery.

How Many Real Accounts Are There on TenderMeets?

The legitimacy of accounts matters when you’re online with your details posted up there. The amount of fake and spam profiles on a platform can affect the trustworthiness among the users. This is an issue with this website as well. Many people claim that there are many fake profiles and that you would receive a text even if you have a blank profile, hence proving the existence of the fake ones. However, the platform is trying its best to maintain transparency and to take care of fake profiles. Users are advised to report fake profiles.

Website and Mobile Version

Without a mobile application, TenderMeets limits its users as not everyone has a desktop or a laptop. The website version that supports smartphones is a good option for mobiles, but having an application could have done wonders for it.

Special Features

The features of a website usually help it to stand out from the rest. A website can make its name in the market by offering features that aren’t offered by many others in the same domain. TenderMeets has the following:

  • Safe mode: This is a free feature, and it is available to all. By setting their profile in a safe way, users can ensure that only verified profiles can text them. This allows them to avoid messages from fake profiles and inappropriate ones.
  • Above 18 policy: This website is especially for those who are looking for serious commitments. It asks for the users’ age before entering the sign-up page.

TenderMeets Alternatives

  • ThaiCupid: It is an online site especially for Thai singles who want to date and find love online. It has millions of users worldwide, and its standing out feature is a hidden profile that lets you browse anonymously, but this feature is mainly for the paid accounts. You can also test it for free. It has a downside that the imperfect translation from Thai to English makes it less desirable. Thai girls who are looking to match up with foreign men also use this site a lot.
  • eHarmony: This is an excellent alternative to TenderMeets; it is also for long-term commitments. Its best feature is a scientific research method that applies psychological matching to ensure better matches for the users. It has a dating advice blog that advises the users on moving forward with finding the best matches on the site.

Safety TenderMeets

The safety of a platform, especially when you post your pictures with your sensitive information, is necessary to its core. Ensuring the safety of users’ privacy should be every site’s main priority. Safety can include everything, from security when it comes to fake profiles to the safety of financial information that goes on the platform while making the payment. TenderMeets is a safe website for users, and it works in the best possible way to maintain that.

Customer Support

The customer care service of any platform can be its strongest or its weakest link. Providing customer support is the duty of every business and every online site. TenderMeets ensures good customer care service to all its users. It has a feature of premium service, which is available to the paid accounts. 24/7 service to the users allows them to think that they’re being taken care of and ultimately helps in increasing the user base.

Some of the most asked questions while using the site are answered below.

How to Delete TenderMeets Account?

This is a significant controversy for this website as many people question the ease with which you can delete your profile. While your personal information is up there, there is no point in your profile being on the site long after you’ve stopped using it, and it is always advisable to ensure that your account is deleted. You can delete the account by going on your dashboard. In worse situations, you can also contact customer care to help you out.

TenderMeets Is Free?

Yes. TenderMeets offers you a lot of free services as soon as you sign up. Registration on the website is free. You can text up to 5 people for free, surf through the like gallery, access safe mode and upload photos and videos for free. For more services, you have to pay a certain amount that will allow you to experience the feature-richness of the website fully.

How to Block Someone on TenderMeets?

Unwanted profiles and inappropriate messages can ruin a user’s experience on the website. While you’re looking for a serious commitment and trying to find a partner for yourself, a fake profile can mess with your head. Although you can also use safe mode to allow messages only from verified profiles, you can also manually block someone to restrict them from approaching you. Blocking fake or spam profiles is always a good option. Also, you can reach out to customer care to report someone further, and they will take care of it for you.

How to Cancel TenderMeets Subscription?

Canceling a subscription should be as easy as registration. When you sign up, the ease with which you use the website makes you want to stick to it. If getting out of it becomes a hassle, the trust in the site goes down. TenderMeets tries its best to ensure that doesn’t happen and provides the option of canceling the membership on its profile itself. You can also contact customer care if you face any issues while canceling. The payment is a recurring one, so you should be cautious. It is recommended to cancel your subscription as soon as you decide against using the website.

How to Download TenderMeets App?

The mobile application of the site isn’t available, as already mentioned above. Having a website version that goes with the features of your smartphone makes using the website on mobiles easier. Not having an application can make it seem less desirable, and it is one of the major disadvantages.

What Are the Payment Methods That TenderMeets Accepts?

Having this common with many dating sites, TenderMeets accepts credit cards for payment. Additionally, it also accepts debit cards through which you can pay for a premium membership on the site. The payment on the website is automatically recurring, so if you want to cancel your subscription, you should do it manually before your membership is renewed without your wish.


An online dating site cannot be all rainbows. When you try to find love online, you have to put some effort into finding the platform that will be best for you to do the same. If you go on any random dating site and start looking for people, you may not end up with the one you were trying to find. Seeking love online can be tricky, but with the right website, it can seem easy.

Many sites today work on the basis of helping people to connect casually. They are meant for people who want a deep friendship with someone to date. When it comes to relationships, sites that are built for the same come in handy. An online dating site that’s exclusively for adults with features that makes finding love look easy is all you need. If you’re looking for something serious, you’re at the right place. TenderMeets has made its name among the dating sites for being one that people use to look for commitments, and it has proven to be helpful for the ones trying to find true love.

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